Seize the first chance of encrypted payment track and lead 100 million users into web3

Since the birth of Bitcoin in 2008, the entire cryptocurrency market has moved from niche to mainstream, and has become a new force that cannot be ignored in the global technology and financial markets. But it is undeniable that the current crypto market and web3 industry are still in their early stages. For example, due to the use threshold of the crypto wallet itself, Web3 wallet users have never been able to break through the order of magnitude of Metamask’s 30M monthly active addresses.

But time will tell, and the rapid development of the crypto industry and growing demand from consumers and businesses has prompted leading payments and e-commerce companies including Mastercard, Visa, and Shopify to start adopting it. In Latin America, Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions, the adoption rate of cryptos has grown significantly in the past two years. This has a great relationship with the growth of the crypto payment track. With its advantages of fast value circulation, no intermediary, and low handling fee rate, crypto payment has become an important way of payment and consumption in many countries and regions. Exchanges, public chains, etc. have also incubated or supported many related products. For example, the co-branded bank card launched by Binance and the embedded crypto payment tool. The related projects and tokens of this track have also received great attention from the market.

Crypto payment products that can allow more users to enter the web3 ecosystem with a low threshold, or bring more application scenarios for cryptocurrencies, are expected to become the drivers of a new round of growth in the entire market. AllPay, which has two hotspots of low-threshold wallet integration and crypto payment, has created a powerful and easy-to-use product from the perspective of introducing more users and more usage scenarios.


Allpay: the most user-friendly web3 wallet

Allpay is a very user-friendly wallet product, compatible with multiple blockchains and their DAPP ecosystems, and has the ability to exchange fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Users can register with a mobile phone number or email and get a secure Web3 wallet address.

Experienced crypto users can experience aggregated crypto payment tools through Allpay, directly exchange fiat currency for cryptocurrencies under legal and compliant conditions, and can also use cryptocurrencies for shopping to meet the payment needs of different scenarios. For traditional users, Allpay provides a low-threshold wallet compatible with the mainstream ecology of web3, allowing users to easily enter the web3 ecology.

At the same time, Allpay encapsulates the service as an API, which allows other products to conveniently integrate wallet entry and legal currency exchange services, aiming to create an encrypted channel with global influence. It will also provide settlement solutions for traditional banks, enterprises, and payment institutions.

Through the combination of this set of functions, it is hoped that more than 100 million Internet users can be brought into web3.


AllPay’s competitive advantage

  1. Compliant fiat currency exchange and crypto payment business

AllPay allows users to purchase cryptocurrencies directly through credit/debit cards with fiat currency, and manages multi-chain digital assets in one stop, including balance management, sending and receiving currencies, and other functions.

Allpay holds licenses in key regions such as Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Singapore, and is fully legal and compliant. Currently, Allpay can be used in more than 100 countries/regions, and supports more than 30 legal currencies and more than 70 payment methods.

Allpay will also cooperate to launch the Allpay visa card, which can be used to directly deposit cryptocurrencies and withdraw fiat cash with debit cards. Allpay also supports the direct purchase of tickets, luxury goods, etc. with stablecoins. It directly opened up the interaction scene between cryptocurrency and the real world.

2. User-friendly low-threshold wallet

Allpay has created the MPC wallet through a variety of algorithms, providing a secure, easy-to-use and credible key management system, which has nothing to do with the public chain, is non-custodial, and has strong anti-fragility. Therefore, all users can directly register the decentralized wallet address through the mobile phone number and email address, and manage the private key, which greatly reduces the entry threshold of web3.

3. Support multi-chain DAPP ecology

Allpay supports multiple chains, users can easily obtain the entrance of each public chain ecology, and at the same time access the Dapp ecology on the chain, and enter the popular application in the market with one click. Through Allpay, all users can directly access the wonderful web3 ecology. In the later stage, AI, social, game and other products will be incubated to give full play to the network effect of wallet products.

4. The payment protocol API is open, which can help many products access crypto payment functions

Allpay provides payment protocol API access, developers can realize wallet authorization, exchange, transfer, contract signature and receive relevant feedback, aggregate liquidity and payment gateway. It can help developers and other products to call crypto payment functions. This in turn allows more customers to purchase cryptocurrencies using their credit cards and locally authorized wallets.

AllPay has been operating globally after being acquired by German Startups Group VC, an established venture capital institution in Germany that has continued to support the development of technology startups for many years. At this stage, Allpay is led by a senior executive team with rich experience in the fields of cryptos, technology and finance after completing the development of various functions and the landing of global multi-country licenses. It will soon enter a stage of rapid business growth and expansion. At the same time, Allpay’s token APC has also been issued, which can be used to serve as the service fee charged by the platform during the exchange process between legal currency and digital currency for users, obtain more APC through pledge, and become a platform member to obtain more product rights.

By continuously increasing the types of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies supported, and providing more landing scenarios for crypto payments, Allpay will enter more countries under the premise of legal compliance and help more users get in touch with cryptocurrencies. This will also enable Allpay to achieve great success in the subsequent stage of explosive growth in the crypto industry, which in turn will help APC capture more value.

The growth rate and commercialization capabilities of the encrypted payment track have been verified by multiple leading projects, and major encryption giants are also making deployments on this track. With the support of low-threshold wallets and a wide range of crypto payment scenarios, Allpay is expected to become a new challenger in this industry and truly drive more users into the crypto world.

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